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Hi everyone

Don't know if I'm posting in the right place or not but just wanted to let off some steam.  Been waiting for the first day of my period to go for initial bloods and scans at St Mary's - when I eventually came on (4 days late on the one month I knew I couldn't be pregnant coz I'd had to have 15 injections into my spine just before I ovulated so wasn't exactly up to BD'ing!!) I rang the hospital and booked scan.  Weirdly my period then disappeared!  I was only on for about two hours which has never happened to me before.  Tried to get hold of the hospital but couldn't so had to go for the appointment but was told that they couldn't do anything because they didn't know where I was up to with my cycle.  I know it's probably the best thing to do waiting till next month but I'm completely in bits coz I'd kind of built it up as something that meant I'd finally managed to get the process going.  It's been 3 days and I'm still really down and tearful and am no wiser as to where on earth I'm up to with my cycle?!? Can only think that the injections have messed my cycle up and fingers crossed it's a one off but it's just really hit me. 

Is this completely ridiculous??  I mean for god's sake it was only a scan and wasn't a consultation or a start of treatment....


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