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icsi at care manchester
« on: 2/03/13, 21:33 »
Hello ladies
I'm asking for some advice for my sister  and her dp. They have extreme mf (but just about ok for icsi) and female  issues-amh 1.8, fsh 9.8. She had septum removed few months ago but this isn't an  issue now. They have just been refused treatment at st mary's on the back of  these results and I'm encouraging them to get a 2nd opinion at care manchester. Are there  any of you with similar stories? Do you think it's likely she will be offered  nhs treatment at care? preferably oe.
Thanks for any words of wisdom xxxxxx


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    Re: icsi at care manchester
    « Reply #1 on: 10/03/13, 00:50 »
    Hi country mouse,

    Oh i can't believe the nhs won't treat her :( that is disgusting!

    Has she thought about an appeal?

    If it is her PCT's rules why she hasn't been treated, unfortunately moving clinics won't change that, but she can appeal! She may need help from a local MP and maybe a letter from a clinic to state she does stand a chance.

    It shouldn't matter what the fertility problem is.

    How old is your sister? Is she in a situation to pay private? Xx