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Co-parenting Documentary
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My name is Rachel Spence and Im a producer with a television production company called Fine Point Films.  I am researching the subject of co-parenting for a UK documentary and would love to hear from people who are using co-parent websites to find sperm donors or recipients, whod be willing to share their stories with me.  I would like to make contact with individuals and couples from the UK - whether they are engaging in a donation only or permanent co-parenting arrangement.  Assisted conception is a subject very close to my heart and an area I have a track record in - personally and professionally!

Contacting me at this stage will not be considered a sign of commitment to appearing in any programme Id just like to hear your  stories and experiences to date and your privacy will be completely safeguarded. 

You can contact me at: [email protected]

Thanks and good luck with your journey,

Rachel Spence


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