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Babies never mentioned in readings - should I be concerned??

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Hi there - just looking for some opinions!

I live going to spiritualist churches and having tarot/mediumship readings and have had many readings and messages over the years. I am planning on trying for a much-longed-for baby in a few months and this is something I have been planning for years. Many of the messages have came true and just a few months ago I had a tarot/medium reading and everything is starting to come true - just as predicted, the reader has been spot on so far.

What really worries me is that no-one has ever mentioned me having a baby (apart from 1 medium in Australia when I lived there - he said I'd return to oz and he could tell I was worried about my ticking clock but I had more time than I thought).

I am kinda worried about the lack of predictions. Surely mediums would pick up such a huge life-change?? Or not??



Not sure that I am going to help but just to say that I have seen three different readers over the last few months all predicting different things. I think I kind of now think- whatever will be my destiny, will be. Taking a long time to learn to accept things - you just never really know what is round the corner- you just got to enjoy the here and now really.
I really had hoped to find a good psychic who would be able to confirm things either way - in truth, it has made me question the whole industry.... X

Thanks for that. I'm just a bit concerned bc a recent reading I had never mentioned babies at all and she has been spot on with all the other predictions so I reckon babies can't be featuring for me any time soon :(

Perhaps I should stay away from psychics ATM - I try to take what they say with a pinch of salt but it's always lingering in the back of my mind...

  Hello Heidi -
i have friends that are psychic -
sometimes they get it right sometimes they do not -
some are better than others! ;)
some are mediums, others are clairvoyant, some just starting out...............
at the end of the day trust YOUR intuition, and listen to YOUR inner voice -
where there is a will there is a way, especially nowadays with modern technology and some money!
go for your dream of a child, and let nothing get in your way,
forget about 'predictions' -
make your own destiny -
God helps those who help themselves -
and above all never give up hope -
where there is life there is hope  ^pray^ ^pray^ ^pray^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^
WHEN i get my BFP (note i said WHEN not IF)..............
then i will be living testimony of hope ;D :) ;)
much love,
Morganna xxx


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