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Advise please
« on: 5/04/13, 11:38 »
Not quite sure where I fit into this board but here goes! As I would love to have a family more than anything in the world, newly single and I turn 37 next week I have made the decision to freeze my eggs. I'm due to start reatment when I get my next period which is only a couple of weeks away now. I'm worried as my AMH is ridiculously low at 2.0 pmml, down from 4.0 in November. However my FSH is fine at 6.4 and my AFC is okish at 10. I should also point out that I got pregnant naturally last September which sadly ended in miscarriage. That pregnancy did take 11 long months to conceive but I also got pregant naturally in August 2011 which was an ectopic pregnancy resulting in the loss of one of my falopion tubes so that might be why it took a while as I only have one tube now.  I conceived that first pregancy after only 2 months so suprised my AMH is so low. Sadly me and hubby split at Christmas and although still devastated what to do everything possible to give myself the chance of a child one day.
 I just wondered if anyone else has had similar results to me. It just seems so strange my fsh is fine when my amh is so low! Also any hints and tips before starting treatment for the first time would be be very welcome. I'm taking roya jelly and macca suplements at the mo as heard these can help women with low reserve, also taking pregnacare plus. Also what were peoples experience of egg collection? I'm having mine done under sedation which I'm quite scared about as well!


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