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« on: 12/04/13, 23:10 »
So i was thinking tonight about how i want to be better in touch with my spiritual side in my ttc journey, but then i realised something - i just tend to swing wildly from one thing to the other.. i'm either obsessing about physical issues or caught up in worry and mental thoughts or i'm trying to focus everything into belief and spirituality and all that or i'm getting all emotional...you get the picture..

i just started thinking, it's no good ending up focussing on one thing and then neglecting another area...

does anyone have any tips or ideas about keeping it all in balance?

i'm not even sure i can 'draw' the areas i'm trying to balance..

emotions. thoughts. beliefs. hopes. fears.
actions. failure to act. behaviour.
interaction with my environment, especially with objects in it percieved to have some spiritual/religious/emotional significance, communication. relationships.
health, physical sense of self. function and purpose of body and mind. posture.
nourishment, processing requirements.
belief systems, deep seated reactions, philosophical approach, sense of connection, love, soul, mystical or religious understandings.
sense of time and living in past, present, future. experience.

i tried googling 'life balance' images but it all seems to be about people balancing career and family (ha, either would be a step up!)

what have i missed from the list? or what is just repeating something else? how should any of it connect together, any ideas? has anyone seen an image or drawing which would be useful when trying to think about balancing these things...

i want a way to connect better with everything. I love watching relaxation videos from youtube but i seem to be focussing on those and neglecting other possible lines of exploration. my energy's all over the place and not well managed and so i tend to slump into the path of least resistance/laziness/procrastination... or have highs and lows of trying to do too much (exercise, being a perfectionist, etc) followed by guilt/feelings of failure that i can't sustain the highs... i know the answer to that lies in better more efficient use of the energy i have... and the thing that seems to be missing is this sense of balance and order. maybe i need tai chi or something, i don't know.

anyone with any ideas about balancing things? (for example to avoid being dragged into it all being about emotion or all about physical complaints and problems - somehow i need a way to make a little energy go a long way.. ) ^reiki^


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    Re: balance
    « Reply #1 on: 17/04/13, 22:00 »
    Hi Goldbunny,

    Trying to find/maintain balance in life is difficult at the best of times.  So much harder when dealing with TTC.  Tends to take over your life!  At least I've found that anyway.

    Meditation/visualisation is really useful for specific purposes like during or preparing for tx.  However, on a general level I find Mindfulness really helpful.  It's pretty simple but also powerful.  I have a great app on my iphone that I've been using for a long time now 10-15 mins daily practice,  but the principles can be learned really easily.  It's fairly basic meditation, focussing on the breath, allowing thoughts and feelings to come and go.  There are loads of resources freely available online - google mindfulness mp3.

    Don't be too hard on yourself.  We're in this crazy uncontrollable situation, it's only natural to try to bring some order to the chaos.

    Good luck with everything!!

    xx Ellie