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IVF in Bulgaria
« Reply #10 on: 6/07/19, 12:22 »
Sirialexa - good luck with your journey x

Thank you miamiamo!

Update 2: IVF part 1 - went really well! Didnít feel a thing from the injections. The whole experience felt like a holiday in Sofia. Took only 2 weeks (short protocol on natural cycle) from period day 1 to egg collection. I had my egg collection and now waiting to see how manny turn to blastocysts. Fingers crossed have have many.

Hoping to do embryo transfer end of next month for two main reasons:- 1) to give my body a rest and 2) to get at least two blastocyst NGS tested.


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    IVF in Bulgaria
    « Reply #11 on: 9/08/19, 15:50 »
    Sirialexa - awesome news, congrats