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hey just wondering if anyone else that has agreed to transfer to ERI has any info?i was told by ERI 1st app will be June and started by Aug but still not g
had any letter or anythin yet its driving me insane just wana knw wen it will be lol :) xxx

I'm curious to see how you got on? And wat you choose to do ? I just got the same letter last week ?


Hey i agreed on 4th april and have my first app 13th june to get injection training etc and my start date :) been on waitin list 17months so has reduced it by 6 months agreein to transfer :) good luck!xxx

Hi miss fruity

I called them today to check if they had received my slip and they said yes but also told me tt they didn't think it was worth while changing over as I should get word in July for first app in aug

She said I will need to go to local hos first fr all my blood tests etc
But I'm sure my doc has done all of these already

My waiting time by July will only have been 13 monts so I feel very lucky

No it goes good for you keep in touch


Oh thats good u may aswell just stay with GRI! :) its all exciting stuff lets hope we both have some good luck :) xxx


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