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Dull ache lower right side
« on: 28/05/13, 15:25 »
Since yesterday I have been experiencing a dull throbbing sensation on my lower right side of my abdomen, nearly around my right ovary.  It lasts about 3 seconds and then stops and then comes back about 5 to 10 mins later.  It's def not the corpus luteum as I ovulated from my left side this cycle.  It's def not ectopic either as I have had scans.
Any idea what it could be?  I have had 4 losses in the past so every little twinge/ache I feel I am quietly freaking out.


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    Re: Dull ache lower right side
    « Reply #1 on: 8/08/13, 21:53 »
    I have had the same - did you work out what it was? Hope all has gone well x