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Insensitive Stories/IVF Clangers... does anyone have a winner?

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Making the best of bad situations...

I was swapping treatment stories with a fellow IVF friend recently when we got on to the subject of stories people have told us when we have confided about what we were going through that they think are helful but which are acctually stretching the boundaries of insensitivity to a whole new level. In those moments I have often felt that if I don't laugh to myself I'll cry and I wondered if anyone else had a story they would like to share from the confused world of supportive friends who just don't get what we're going through? Hopefully laughing together will help us be better equipt for the clangers of the future!

My insensitive tale is this; I had to tell one of the work managers that I was having IVF treatment and would need to not be in work for a week or two during treatment. She was fine about this and really supportive, then decided to share this little gem; her friend went through 10 failed cycles of IVF, she was later diagnosed with cancer and sadly passed away. My manager said she and her friends all feel that this was due to the repeated IVF medication and the effect this had on her body. Needless to say- I was speechless!

Please join in if you have an insensitive story of IVF clanger to share.

MrsB x

Reading this has just made me laugh out loud! Thank you for sharing.  X

Always use to annoy me people telling me of X & X having ivf several times but it not working then they fell pregnant naturally, well good for them, but I have no tubes so that's not going to happen for me !!!!

I use to just say don't mean to sound jealous or in anyway horrible & good on them! its just not a story I want to hear while going through treatment myself, as if mine didnt happen to work I'd be fcuked do you understand !! lol Xx

I see you have no tubes too mrs b, you've probably heard & thought the same!! X

Same as ivfmamma but my response the opposite way around.  Good for them, we have zero sperm getting through whatsoever and never will have even one get through so fantastic they got a natural BFP but I won't so not really all that interested!

Every single fertile person I speak to about IVF, I absolutely ALWAYS get that same thing.  I know so and so who had so many cycles and then a natural pregnancy.  Or I know so and so who gave up after so many IVFs, adopted and then guess what.......oh go on, surprise me because I can't guess what is coming next  ^bigbad^

And for me, I'm the one who has no known problems, yet people very close to me have said (more than once), I would carry a baby for you, I would donate my eggs for you.   >:( >:( >:(  While this might seem a nice gesture, I have told them soooooo many times we have male factor and how desperate I am for the whole pregnancy and giving birth experience as well as being a mum forever!

Oh I could go on......... Haha!


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