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How To Use This Section - READ BEFORE POSTING


Things you may list here:
-Baby items
-Maternity / pregnancy items
-Nursery and children’s items, clothes, toys and accessories.
-Literature pertaining to babies, pregnancy and childbirth.

Things you May NOT list here:
-Any items or services being sold as part of a business.
-Any items on this restricted items list – CLICK FOR RESTRICTED ITEMS LIST

(Pre conception and fertility aids and general items for sale can be listed on the general For Sale board here instead:

How to List your items:
-Always start your topic with either FOR SALE, WANTED, FREE or SWAP (e.g. FREE:  Baby bath. Pick up only West London  or  FOR SALE Baby Book. Can be posted)
-Be clear in the topic title what you are offering, if it will be posted or, if pick up only, roughly where it is located.
-Include as much detail in the post itself as is possible, i.e. dimensions, make, model, condition. 
-If you have listed it on auction sites, such as ebay or other trading sites like Gumtree , you may post a link to that auction. (please note that if you are linking to a timed auction on an external auction/selling site, your topic will be removed when the auction has expired).
-If you have pictures you can attach them (if a VIP Sponsor member) or you may upload them to the gallery and post a link. 
-If you have multiple items  list them all in individual topics (except in the case of clothes and bundles of clothes or related items that go together e.g. cot and cot bedding). This will make it much easier for people searching to find things they are specifically looking for and improve your chances of selling.

Once your item is sold /received:
-Please amend the title to say SOLD / RECEIVED on the end. (To do this, modify the first post of the topic and you will be able to add “SOLD/RECEIEVD” at the end of the title.)
This will help people looking for stuff to know it is no longer available and also indicate to the moderator that the post can be removed in the regular housekeeping.

Housekeeping & rules:
Any topics that are not flagged as sold or received within approximately 6-8 weeks will be removed. Sold/Received items will be removed periodically as part of the weekly housekeeping and threads with links to timed auctions will be removed at the end of the auction. This is purely to de-clutter the area, allow members to see what is actually still available and keep the boards relevant.

Please do not bump your topics. There is no need for this unless it is coming up to 6-8 week since you posted it and it remains unsold. Bumping a topic in this case will indicate to the moderators not to remove the topic, and to buyers that it is still available.
Do not post contact email or phone number details. Members interested in trading must contact each other using the personal message system in the first instance. You may then exchange contact details privately if necessary.

If members continuously disregard the following three rules, we may revoke your privilege to advertise on this site:
-Selling prohibited items
-Including personal contact details in posts
-Bumping threads unnecessarily.

Products transacted on this site are at the risk of the seller/buyer - unless otherwise stated fertility friends will not be liable for any issues arising from sale of goods on this site.

If you do not agree with our terms and conditions, you should not buy or sell items here.
Fertility Friends and its affiliates will not be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, special, exemplary, or other damages arising thereafter.


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