* Author Topic: PGS in ivf for over 40s - is really needed???  (Read 577 times)

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Hello ladies,

I am 44 and starting my first ivf next month. Because of my age I am a bit worried about egg quality.
I did some research and seems to be inconclusive evidence as to whether it improves ivf results.
Has anybody had it done? Keen to find out about your experience/opinions.




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    PGS in ivf for over 40s - is really needed???
    « Reply #1 on: 23/08/13, 17:11 »
    Hey Altai,
    This  is going to sound a bit weird, but at 42 my doc recommended putting back 5 embryos, no questions asked. That is how sure he was that my embryos were hopeless just by looking at them , my history and at my age. I had everything put back that divided (think 12 altogether). I did get my boy in the end though :-) it just takes ONE . 

    Obviously my doctor does not believe in PGD for ladies our age. My embies all looked ugly, but even if I had grade 1 blasts his opinion was the same.  Perhaps if we had done PGD I would uave been spared 3 lots of two week waits and hoping for nothing. On the other hand, doing an egg pickup and fertilization only to be called the next month to say there is nothing to transfer is a bit gut wrenching to say the least.