* Author Topic: St Mary's timescales?!!  (Read 1899 times)

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St Mary's timescales?!!
« Reply #10 on: 18/10/13, 15:16 »
Thanks guys for your replies, it's nice to know what to expect going into these appointments so you can be prepared with any questions,  as far as the tests we've had so far we only have a male factor problem, unless anything has been found with me on this round of tests.  I don't mind the waiting for appointments so much just 6 months to find out results seems a long time.


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    St Mary's timescales?!!
    « Reply #11 on: 9/11/13, 19:42 »

    I had a BFP on my first cycle of ICSI but at my 7 week scan, just this week, very sadly was told my embryo had no heartbeat and I was having a 'missed miscarriage'.   Gutted completely.   If anyone currently on this discussion page has been unlucky enough to experience miscarriage,  I wondered if you know how long St Mary's make you wait before you can have treatment again. Am so concerned about this as I am 40 in April next year (so will not be allowed treatment after that date).