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HCG levels
« on: 11/10/13, 21:34 »
Not sure where to look for info on hcg levels or what area to post in???
I had my 5th go of ivf/icsi/imsi, EC being on 11th September. I had a pregnancy blood test at my clinic on 26th Sept(4wk1d) and got a BFP, with hcg reading of 202. I had another blood test 6 days later on 2nd October(5wk) with a hcg reading of 1560. I then had another blood test done on 9th Oct(6wks) and my hcg level was 8321. I really expected the last one to be much higher? They are supposed to double every 48 hours? My day 35/7wk scan is booked for next Wednesday(16th). Should I be worried? I got a BFP on my 4th ivf cycle but miscarried at 7wk4d....hence why I have had the extra blood test this time. Any information would be really appreciated xx


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    HCG levels
    « Reply #1 on: 12/10/13, 08:11 »
    HI there

    try not to worry, they are rising and its within a 24-72 hour period so its pretty much on track, congratulations on your BFP x