* Author Topic: 8 harvested -7 mature and fertilised -day 1....pray for blastocyst???  (Read 498 times)

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Hi all, 

2nd round of IVF / ICSI-harvest yesterday.   Today I got the call from embrologist to say that there were 8 'mature ' eggs and 7 have fertilised.  She seemed very excited (which I find they always do ) and will call me Monday to let me know if it's a day3 transfer or go to blastocyst.
Is blastocyst best?? Last time I had 2 grade 2 's transferred on day 3- BFN  :'(
The clinic are always so positive but I'm not so much this time -is the fact that 7 fertilised good??
Need some positive vibes ladies.  :)


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    I think they normally except around 60-70 % of the eggs to fertilise so 7 out of 8 sounds really good :-). At my last clinic you had to have at least 4 good embryos at day 3 for them to take it to blast. Blastocyst gives you a higher sucess rate because it is easier to chose the best one to transfer. For us we had two front embroyos on day 3 so we transfered both so there was no point going for day 5. Good luck!!