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Symptoms 6 dpo a 3det
« on: 27/12/13, 11:30 »
Hi all
I know I should probably just relax and stop thinking about it as it is my 2nd attempt at ICSI but me and the DH were so desperate for this to work this time round  ^pray^. I just wondered what symptoms (if any) anyone who recd a bfp had around similar days.

Up until yesterday I had really sore / tender breasts but this has dramatically reduced in the last day or two as has my bloatedness and I have very mild cramping which is manageable and faint nausea (well, only as of this morning! probably due to me over thinking it)

My official test date is 3rd Jan but I'm worried already that implantation hasn't occurred.

I was hoping to hear some positive stories to keep my spirits up  ^reiki^


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