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Hello Ladies,

I just came across this site called Gateway Women and thought I'd share as was a coincidence as I was browsing this forum last week (I'm not on here often) since I have begun contemplating the same things recently...what does our Plan B actually look like...Well this site explores everything about this. I plan to get stuck in when I'm in 'the mood'. There appears to be some really inspiring stories on the blog section!

Anyway, here's the site: www.gateway-women.com

 I had a quick browse through the thread again and I couldn't see this site (just incase of duplications)

Sending peace and positive vibes to everyone. x



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    Hi ladies,

    Just to add my twopence.  I can recommend Gateway Women.  I am a member of a couple of the London meetups and I have found it to be beneficial.  It was so nice to meet people socially who really knew what it was like to be in our situation.  A small group of us went out for lunch. It was fun and lighthearted and we didn't even need to discuss the reason why we were all there.

    Hope this helps.

    Happy Christmas ladies!!!!

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    I know this hasn't been posted on for such a long time but I've found it really interesting.

    My husband and I have started our conversation about what a life without children might mean. We can't adopt although otherwise would definitely consider that but there's so much we can do without children. Much as we want them we have to look at the positives of it.

    I'm really thinking about trying to change jobs, what I do doesn't make me happy and maybe I should focus on trying to be as happy as possible rather than just staying in limbo because it's close to home and I can get maternity as I've been there 4 years.

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    Hi jengles I just wondered how you were getting on? X

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    Just sending some love and good wishes to all of you out there taking the 'path less travelled '. I  believe there is a book about childlessness called that (quoting the poem) which I  haven't read,  but the phrase often comes into my head when I  observe my different reactions to situations from those around me. Not being a parent seems to bring a freedom but also a feeling of responsibility to use life well. I  don't have the excuse of being needed by my children or constantly exhausted by their needs: I don't have a legacy through them. My life needs to make sense as mine not as someone's mum. Occasionally I find the hardest thing is to stop and spend leisure time without feeling selfish or empty. For example we spent Boxing Day at a hotel Spa this year as a treat and it somehow felt all wrong but at the same time we did both need some rest after a very hectic few months.  Hard to get that balance right.Joanna x

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    I had hoped never to need this part of the site but we’ve come to the end of the road. Thank you ladies for the useful links and how you’ve implemented your plan b x