* Author Topic: 1st IVF given 5% chance of working..advice please?! Thanks  (Read 2010 times)

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Thanks for the advice and good wishes. No, we will just do this and then leave it I think. It's going to be tricky to fit it around work also.....and I'm not that fond of hospital type stuff!!
I may not get to the egg collection stage if there isn't any...! Does anyone know of any breast cancer patients getting pregnant this way on this board? Just a thought? X
Thanks x


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    Hi Olive, I'd give myself the best possible chance of this cycle working, don't over-stress yourself party planning etc, some people get emotional with the drugs or bloat up so you may not feel at your best. Also you can party for the rest of your life and you want to make the most of this go, correct?
    I am sure if you put the party back a couple of weeks nobody would mind.

    My cousin had chemo treatment for cancer (non-Hodgkins lymphoma) and had 2 failed IVF's after, but she got pregnant four times naturally and gave birth to two healthy kids (she was late 30s). Hope this helps a bit xxx

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    Thanks for that. It does help to know that people who have had chemo can still get pregnant, amazing! You are right, I've done lots of partying and I will do again soon...I may just have to make up an excuse and postpone this one! x