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Thyroid patients at St Mary's Manchester
« on: 7/03/14, 19:29 »
Hi everyone
New to the website and the fertility journey. I had a thyroid surgery 2 years ago and since then have been TTC, so far have had two miscarriages and was referred to St Mary's (went for the pink proforma tests yesterday). Both times we managed to conceive, my TSH levels were at their lowest (they go down by themselves in winter it seems) but shot up straight away and miscarried both times. It seems impossible for me to conceive if TSH is above 2. My GP said these ranges are normal (my TSH range between 2.5-3.5) but I know that for optimal fertility they need to be below 2, and ideally around 1. They didnt test yesterday for any thyroid related hormones and when I mentioned it, seemed to think that TSH 3.5 was normal..? I was quite surprised actually. So just wondered, if anyone else with a thyroid issue has experience of how St Mary's treat these patients..? What I am hoping is that I'll get to see an endocrinologist who will be happy to prescribe thyroxine and keep my levels at around 1. So far I've never been prescribed anything. Thanks to those who read this :)


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