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bad news at my scan - i think?
« on: 18/03/14, 21:46 »

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Hi there

I am new to this site so not sure where to post this.bad

I am on my second cycle of IVF and its not going so well (or as well as the last time).  I am on 300 of Menopur (which is the maximum my clinic will give).  I had my scan at 5 days and I have only 4 tiny follicles....  so tiny they didn't even bother to measure them.  Last time around at that stage I had 7 and a number were of a decent size and that was on a smaller dose of Menopur - 225.  I now have to wait a whole week for my next scan and kind of feel like the clinic has given up on me, I know that's not true on one level but part of me still feels this.

 just wanted to know, of others experiences?  is it too early to start thinking the worst?  or should I start preparing myself for an abandoned cycle?  apparently they only stimm for a maximum of 21 days so I know its early days yet but I would have expected something after 5 days.  Also is it normal for them to wait so long between scans?  last time I had more scans...

other thing is the hospital offers free counselling and I am wondering whether or not it might be a good idea...  has anyone else used the counselling on offer?  and if so did it help?  or make you feel even worse?




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    bad news at my scan - i think?
    « Reply #1 on: 18/03/14, 21:59 »

    My advice would be, take the counselling (better to be prepared), and try not to second guess what will happen.  Your next scan will be more informative in terms of this cycle.  Don't be afraid to ask questions at your scan.  Write them down if you think you might feel nervous, fragile when you are there.

    Good luck xx  ^hugme^