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Sorry your considering deleting your account here at FF :(

I hope after reading here you will reconsider as the information in your posts are invaluable in helping others negotiate the journey of infertility, just reading a post form someone who's "the same as me" helps so many, no matter how old the post or how common the issue.

Here are some reasons we get asked for deleting and how to resolve them:

Everyone can see my email address and strangers are contacting me
Your Email address is visible only to you and the admin team unless you've ticked the box, go to your profile un-tick the box.
Use the report to admin link in the pm/post if you have concerns.

If you feel you've said to much in your posts
Many members look back on past posts and feel they have given too much identifying information about themselves and worry about relatives/bosses etc. "tracing them"; we do stress that members should be wary about what they share but it is easy to accidentally say too much.
You can edit or, in some cases, remove your own posts.  Click "remove", "modify", or the notepad & pen icon in the post to remove or edit and start editing!  You may also contact the board volunteer if details are in another members' post; please link the post in a pm to the volunteer so they may edit it for you wherever reasonably possible, or you can simply hit the "report to moderator" button and state what you wish to be removed.
*Please note, even if we delete your account this will not remove your posts, but will merely mean your profile is no longer active; if you wish to remove identifying information about yourself you must do this before asking us to delete your account.  In many cases, coupled with a name change, this is usually adequate to cover your tracks and allow you to continue using our forums.
My username in Chat is not the same as the message boards or my username identifies me!
PM a member of management for your name to be changed, this will change it in chat and on all your posts/pms.

I'm being stalked or harrassed by someone on or off site
Unfortunately it happens. Off site there is little we can do as the site is visible for public to view, but non members cannot look you up and follow you unless they already know where to (usually something said in real life is enough for nosey types to dig).  However, do contact us as we can go through some steps to help you become difficult to trace.  If you are having trouble with another member, please hit "report to Moderator" (in posts) or "Report to Admin" (for PMs) and provide some details so we can investigate. (Please see our bullying and harassment policy for more information).

My fertility journey is over now, and I just want to leave
Many members feel they want to move on from their time here, sometimes because they have been successful and want to put it behind them, others because they have not and find the reminder too painful.  If this is the case, you need only to stop visiting the site.  If you are still getting email notifications for threads you can change this in your profile account settings, or you can block our email address from your email program.
Please try these things first if you can; unfortunately deleting accounts puts a strain on our servers so we prefer to use it as a final resort.
As per site policy, we only allow members to hold one account on FF.  IF you forget your password or email for your original account you can contact us and, as long as you have some details we can work with, we can often trace it and reactivate it for you.

Please bear in mind that once we have deleted your account this is final.  It takes a good deal of work to remove and account entirely and it is not a facility that you can use just because you want to start again.  We will usually be able to spot returning and  duplicate accounts and will reject or remove them.

Management will support you in deleting or creating a new account if you feel your need is exceptional.  Please contact one of us with your request and we will do what we can to help you.



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