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Hi guys

Started IVF cycle in December.. Got 28 eggs on EC so they automatically froze the 14 that fertilzed.

Only getting to complete FET treatment now. So have 14 snow babies ready to use.

Started sprays yesterday.

Anyone else in the same boat? Or going through or had some similar. Everyone welcome.  ^hugme^


Treatment in RFC xxx

Hi Maggie
I'm due to start down reg on 23rd April. I've only got one average frostie so quite nervous about the 60-70% chance of thawing they've given me  :(.
I think me ec will probably be around mid to late May.
Do u have any fates for ec?

Hey maxi

I started the sprays on Friday, my egg transfer date Is planned for the 14th may.

I not sure what our eggs are as they where froze straight after EC. So we still gave to see if they survive the thawing etc.

U only need one so let's hope it is the one for u Hun.

Have u done much preparing this time. I deff more relaxed about it  this time. Be starting my first cycle I quit everything out, no drink tried to eat well. Tried to wear to many chemicals in my skin.

But this time round I feel like not changing to much. I won't drink during it and trying to eat a bit better.


Hi Maggie
I'm the opposite really. Didn't do much to prepare last time, but trying to be a lot more healthier this time round. In my previous icsi I did get a very light positive but it had disappeared by OTD. When I did get AF it was v odd in that I passed what looked like a small worm (sorry tmi). So I think it was chemical and I keep kicking myself for not trying harder so this time hope to do more things right.  I'm thinking of acupuncture!
Any thing to help hey!


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