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I am 30 and my infertility is due to two blocked tubes.

Last cycle I was on LP, AMH was 25 (although was only 14 and 15 the previous two times it was tested.....) I had 6 eggs collected  from an follies count of 10 and off those 3 ultimately fertilised. Since found out dh has a dna issue....  Oh and I had mild ohss despite so few follicle/eggs.

So due to my response I'm wondering if a SP is a better protocol for me?  I started on a low dose of gonalF and when they decided that things were a little slow I was bumped up and thankfully a few of the  slow follies caught up. I still however feel for my age and AMH, regardless of it being 14, 15 or 25, to get only 6 eggs is pretty poor.
The hospital has said they want to start me on LP again, I think just cause I had it last time, but to start me on a higher dose of gonalF from the start but isn't this just going to give me ohss again.... I'm confused and want to be educated for my next appt!    Any advise most appreciated.


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    Hello I'm in the same situation as you. Iv just had LP
    Only 7 follies 4 mature but none fertilised.
    I stimmed for 11 days and on d9 the follies were small I was on a dose of 150 a day.
    Iv been told sp is better as it means ovaries don't need to work as hard growing?!

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    My AMH is 67 and I was put on long protocol first. I produced quite a few follies but they never grew properly so it was abandoned just before EC. I then did short protocol which worked much better for me and I fell pregnant. Be guided by your clinic but ask them about short protocol too. The worry with the short is that you may suddenly ovulate - the cetrodide is supposed to prevent it but apparently it is still a higher risk than with long  - I am of course no expert!! Good luch