* Author Topic: how quickly does gonal f start to work?  (Read 862 times)

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how quickly does gonal f start to work?
« on: 19/04/14, 09:19 »
Hi ladies (I almost want to say "team"!)
Long story short, I've down-regged for 3 weeks on Buserelin 0.5ml a day. Now on gonal f at a dose of 300, and I've had 3 injections, 4th later. Scan to check how things are going next weds and Fri, poss e/c on Monday 28th.
I'm wondering how quickly gonal f starts to work. I'm sure i can feel little twinges in my ovaries, but am also aware that my mind could be playing tricks!
my AMH is 1.3-what sort of response is likely?
thank you :)


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