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st malo's birth story [induced]
« on: 7/05/14, 17:32 »
Throughout the pregnancy I was convinced that we would have an early arrival. - I was wrong!
I'd been told by my local hospital that because I was old (41) :-[  I wouldn't be allowed to have my baby there because it's midwife led care and I would have to go to another hospital, and be induced at 38 weeks. A shame because my local hospital's delivery suite is lovely and modern.
At 37 weeks was told I'd be induced at 39 weeks because the pregnancy had gone well. I tried everything to start labour naturally, decorating, eating pineapple, leaf tea, curry, even a 4.5 mile walk at 38 weeks.
I found myself writing a birth plan with my midwife, I told her I didn't see the point as I was being induced but we did it anyway. The only things I requested were that my dh didn't cut the cord (he's sqeamish), and that I wanted delayed cord clamping and didn't want an episiotomy . . . . .
Induction day.
So I was given a letter that said contact the induction ward the day before - on doing this I was told the letter was wrong and to call again in the morning,  ^idiot^ The next day I was asked to go in at 9.30am - a dash across the city in rush hour we just made it in time. A lovely midwife came 2 hours later  >:( and asked if I knew what was going to happen - I said yes a pessary that gets checked 6 hours later -- she said no, the information sheet you've been given is wrong, it's a pessary and check in 24 hours .... I was a bit deflated, but we carried on. We sat around for a couple of hours until the people next to us put their tv on so loud it was deafening, we ended up sitting in the hospital reception for 4 hours, no cafe or sitting room at this hospital and no outside space to walk in. . By the time we went back to the ward I was tired and stressed and my bp measured through the roof. I explained to the midwife i felt nothing was happening and it was a waste of time, she calmed me down, and got me some ear plugs - Angel!  :)
dh went home at 8.30pm and I started having contractions, at 12.30am a midwife came and put me on a monitor, when she came back she said the contractions were very close together, she wanted to continue monitoring for a further 20 mins - this went on until 6.30 am, during which time the lady in the bed next to me spontaneously gave birth :o
By the time my dh visited at 10.00 am I was in agony, a midwife ran me a bath, which was nice, but I was scared of falling asleep in it as I could barely keep my eyes open through lack of sleep. I was examined again, but the midwife said she couldn't reach my cervix and would need to get a dr, So a dr came and did a stretch and sweep, later I was examined again and told I was ready to go to delivery to have my waters broken.  :)
Delivery suite
Hours after being told we were going to delivery . . .we were finally taken, the only problem was that I hadn't eaten since lunch and it was now 7pm. So I was both very tired and hungry. We were shown into a tiny room, there was barely enough room for dh to bring up a chair, I was very nervous but the midwife was lovely, my waters were broken and I was immediately put on a drip and a monitor, and told I couldn't eat, which I hadn't expected :( . So I couldn't move around. The contractions got very strong very quickly and I was given gas and air, this made me feel like I'd drunk 10 bottles of whisky, but was doing nothing for the pain, hours went by and I told the midwife it wasn't working and I wanted pethidine - my logic being that would get me through it ......mahooosive mistake...... shortly after being given the pethidene the room was spinning, I couldn't focus, the pain was ridiculous. The wall was painted to look like green marble and it kept moving and swirling in front of me. The clock kept moving around the wall..]
In the early hours of the morning I begged for an epidural, a lovely anaesthetist came, he said he needed to explain the procedure - I told him to tell dh - he smiled and said no I have to tell you... He did his best, in between me screaming through contractions and at one point finished a sentence with .. and she's asleep.. I said I'm not asleep, I'm listening ... I just couldn't keep my eyes open, anyway they did the epidural, and I was finally pain free but absolutely exhausted. At 10.00 am I was told I could push, I pushed with everything I had - I was determined I wasn't having a c section, 2 hours later a dr turned up and the midwife said I was going to have a forceps delivery - I was sooo disappointed, I didn't question anything and to be honest I really didn't know what was happening any more, then the words episiotomy ........  :-[        The baby was delivered very quickly, and I saw them clamp the cord and cut it immediately, she was given to me and she was beautiful, and she hardly had a mark on her, it was lovely but as I looked round the room a realised dh wasn't there, and I felt really dissapointed - he'd decided to go out he couldn't handle it. I had stitches for the episiotomy and found out later I lost 2.2 litres of blood  :o  I was gutted that I hadn't been able to have a natural delivery and for some reason couldn't handle the pain and that dh wasn't there.

 DH tells me that I had been moved to another room before the forceps delivery but I have no memory of it, and looking through my notes lots of things happened that I have absolutely no recollection of. Apparently I had been very upset afterwards, but I don't really remember, in fact I have a gap in memory from delivery at 12.30pm to the next day, I can only put it down to almost 60 hours of no sleep.
I'm still not sure why I needed a forceps delivery, my notes say I was very tired - really! ^bigbad^
post natal ward
omg - I have never wanted to go home so much in my life, it was loud, dirty, and I kept getting told off for things that I didn't know anything about  :'( . The night before we came home I packed everything at 2 in the morning and told them I was leaving - of course they wouldn't let me! The majority of staff on this ward were not nice  :( such a shame for the one or two staff who were lovely.

going home
I was soo pleased to go home after 3 days in post natal, and I have the most beautiful precious miracle, we're starting to become a little family and learning every day  ;D

If......we have another child ;) we will be looking at what other hospital choices we have in the area, I definitely want less intervention and an active labour, that isn't me strapped to a bed and a monitor for hours. I really don't want another induction, so we'll see!


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    st malo's birth story [induced]
    « Reply #1 on: 8/05/14, 11:45 »

    congratulations  ^hugme^

    If I was you I would complain to the hospital and make sure they record it. You have been treated atrociously at a time when you are most vulnerable, and to make sure it doesn't keep happening, people like yourself need to complain and have the situation brought to attention.

    I'm so pleased that you managed to deliver safely and that you are enjoying your family. Well done, you did brilliantly in awful circumstances. xx