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Vitamin supplements
« on: 15/05/14, 13:49 »

This is my first post here, I am hoping to get some kind of advise.

We found out last week that my husband has very very low count and motility (I think it was 5 mil & 2.5%) and have been told that we should introduce some supplements into his diet, these being Vitamin C, High dosage of Vitamin E, Zinc, Folic Acid & Omega 3 to try and help things naturally - we have been trying for almost 18 months now. We are not eligible for referral under the NHS until we have been trying for 2 years as I am under 35, so I cannot get any tests done yet.

My husband is currently taking Tesco brand Conception support with the following values;
Typical Values   Per tablet   -
Protein   -   -
Vitamin A   400.0g (50% of RDA)   -
Vitamin C   100.0mg (125% of RDA)   -
Vitamin D   15.0g (300% of RDA)   -
Vitamin E   24.0mg (200% of RDA)   -
Thiamin (Vitamin B1)   2.8mg (255% of RDA)   -
Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)   3.2mg (229% of RDA)   -
Niacin   16.0mg (100% of RDA)   -
Vitamin B6   5.0mg (357% of RDA)   -
Folic Acid   200.0g (100% of RDA)   -
Vitamin B12   10.0g (400% of RDA)   -
Biotin   75.0g (150% of RDA)   -
Pantothenic Acid   12.0mg (200% of RDA)   -
Calcium   120.0mg (15% of RDA)   -
Iron   8.0mg (57% of RDA)   -
Magnesium   120.0mg (32% of RDA)   -
Zinc   10.0mg (100% of RDA)   -
Iodine   75.0g (50% of RDA)   -
Selenium   150.0g (273% of RDA)   -
Copper   0.3mg (25% of RDA)   -
Manganese   0.5mg (25% of RDA)   -
Chromium   60.0g (150% of RDA)   -
Vitamin K   75.0g (100% of RDA)   -

I have been looking into getting individual supplements of the advised but don't know what levels he should take? And can he take them alongside the multi?

Can you give me any advise?

Many thanks Emma


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