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I'd been for regular growth scans (28, 32 and 36 weeks) purely because of my hospital's policy regarding IVF pregnancies rather than because anything was likely to come up. Weeks 28 and 32 were absolutely fine, with baby growing around the 50th centile. Mr average! At 36 weeks, though, his growth had tailed off and his measurements had stalled at around 34 weeks for his length and abdomen. At 36+2, he was estimated to weigh around 5lb 2oz, around 1lb short of 'normal' growth. I was referred for monitoring every other day over the bank holiday weekend just to keep an eye on him and my blood pressure.

After two days of monitoring, my blood pressure was rising, I was starting to swell and my platelets were falling. On Easter Sunday, I spent the day in hospital instead of the expected hour for monitoring only for the consultant to decide I'd be induced the next day! Baby was fine but I had pre-eclampsia and combined with the platelet issue, it was decided it would be better for me to have him early.

I stayed in that night and was taken down to the induction suite at 8am on Easter Monday. After I was examined, the doctor tried - and failed - to break my waters three times. I was favourable (and 2cm dilated already) but there was confusion over what had happened to my waters. The doctor couldn't find any to break but I knew I hadn't lost them! Because the monitor showed I was already having tightenings, I was taken straight to the labour ward and put on the syntocinon drip at about 1pm.

The contractions started to come quite quickly and I had a TENS machine alongside the gas and air, which helped. By 6pm, I was still only 3-4cm dilated so a midwife tried to break my waters again - success! Apparently the membranes were tough but they were definitely still there. As the contractions were getting stronger, I decided I needed more pain relief and went for the diamorphine at 7pm, which made me feel more able to cope. Things weren't really progressing, though, and I needed more at 11pm but there was still no sign of baby arriving anytime soon. Every time I contracted, his heart rate dipped on the monitor but as it went back up again as soon as it had finished, there wasn't immediate cause for concern. However, by midnight, his heart rate had suddenly gone up and wouldn't go back down. The doctor was called and took some blood from his head (not pleasant for either of us!) and as soon as the results came back, I was rushed to theatre for an emergency section. The midwife threw some scrubs at DW and said there was half an hour to get him out.

Thankfully, my platelets had gone back up to just over the minimum and I had a spinal instead of general anaesthetic. It was done between contractions and Auron arrived at 1:39am on the Tuesday morning, around 12 hours after the drip had started. He wasn't breathing but did have a heartbeat; it felt as though it took a lifetime but eventually, he cried. He needed a lot of resuscitation and after being held in front of me for a brief moment, he was taken to SCBU weighing just 5lb at 37+1.

DW and our midwife went with him but I had to stay in recovery. They took photos for me and he looked so tiny! I didn't see him until the morning, by which point he was in an incubator and on a drip, so we couldn't hold him much. He was struggling with low blood sugar but after a couple of days, he was changed to a feeding tube and moved to a cot. A week after his birth, he was tube-free, breastfeeding and ready to come home. He shouldn't have any lasting problems from labour or birth.

4 weeks on and Auron is now 6lb 12oz, feeding like a monster and looking gorgeous! It was scary in parts but we're so glad he's here and healthy now.


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    Congratulations  ^hugme^  I'm so sorry that you had such a scary time, but so relived he's healthy and home with you now xx