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Hi ladies,
I am thinking if starting hypnofertility. Has anyone found it useful? I am already having acupuncture.
 I'm in Birmingham. It's a long shot but if any local ladies could recommend someone that would be great .
I'm also looking for a fertility yoga class.

Thanks, Lisa


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    Hypnofertility and yoga in birmingham area - help!
    « Reply #1 on: 26/05/14, 11:59 »
    Hi Lisa

    I found yoga very helpful and think it put me in a more positive frame of mind for cycle 2.  I go to a Hatha yoga session each week and the teacher knows my situation so has been very helpful giving me certain postures to focus on and information for meditations/relaxations too.  There is no fertility yoga class in my area but I found this to be very beneficial.  I also purchased a book from amazon  called Yoga for fertility - it's ISBN is 978 - 1- 936303-32-8  It has sequences for different parts of your cycle and has specific sections for IVF.  I used this at home and would highly recommend it.

    Good Luck