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DD2's sudden arrival @ 36+5
« on: 1/06/14, 04:37 »
So it all started at 31 weeks when I was taken into triage with pre-term labour and dialaiting. Thankfully everything stopped but I was made aware I probably wouldn't go to term so I was watching for every sign!

On Friday night (30/05/14) I had a bad stitch type pain at the top of my bump and in my pelvise area. Thought nothing of it and went to bed. Woke up at 1am on 31/05/14 with cramps, rode them out till 3am then they tailed off so I got some sleep till 5am, when again I was awoken with cramping. This got progressively worse until 8am when they were coming every 4 mins so called triage, as I was pre term and my risk of early labour they told me to go in. When I get there they did a trace which showed baby's HB fine and contractions. She then did an examination which showed I was 3cm and left me with quite a serious 'show'. I was sent off to walk for two hours but nothing progressed so I was sent home at 1pm.

Got home and contractions started pretty much straight away and we're getting closer and closer. Was about to call triage when they were 3 mins apart but felt my waters go. Went toilet to find merconium on my pad.

Called triage in a state, got told to get in ASAP, I had no sitter for DD1 but thankfully FIL arrived by surprise just as I was getting off the phone from MW. Left DD1 with him while I called my more reliable and trustworthy sister to come take over lol.

So away we went. Got to the motorway and traffic at a complete standstill and I'm in agony having contractions every minute! So hard shoulder it was, flying down 2 miles of motorway hard shoulder covered in stones is not good!!

Eventually got to hospital, started walking through the longest corridor in the history of corridors and contractions pretty much back to back. Feel so much pressure in my bottom. Got to triage, taken into a side room at 16:30 to get examined to find out how far along I am. MW wants to do a trace due to merconium. I tell her I need to push so she quickly sets up trace and gets gloves to give me an examination. 'Ohbtheres your baby's head' she says!!! 'Push at next contraction' so that's exactly what I did. Three pushes later and at 16:36 (6 minutes after arriving) using only gas and air my little DD2 literally popped out!!

It was all so quick that MW never got a chance to call pediatrics, get a cot, get the resuscitation table thing in or anything!!! Was do funny! Could not believe it!!

No tears or anything, so much different to DD1's labour.

Baby is perfect! Needed a little help breathing at first as was so stunned and needs her blood sugars monitored for 24 hours because she was classed as prem but she's feeding away as I type and so contented!

Life is good x


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    DD2's sudden arrival @ 36+5
    « Reply #1 on: 1/06/14, 07:23 »

    (That's one hell of a story to tell her when she's older!)

    Riley x

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    DD2's sudden arrival @ 36+5
    « Reply #2 on: 1/06/14, 13:33 »

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    DD2's sudden arrival @ 36+5
    « Reply #3 on: 1/06/14, 14:44 »
    Congratulations gill, what a story!

    DD2's sudden arrival @ 36+5
    « Reply #4 on: 1/06/14, 19:22 »
    Congrats!  Wish all deliveries were like yours!