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My wonderful baby boy M was born on 6/6/14 by emergency c section weighing 8lb 11oz. He is doing very well and is extremely cute.

Although I was all set for a wonderful natural birth, 50 hours after
my waters had started leaking (Wednesday morning), followed by milder contractions on and off for 2 days, acupuncture on the prenatal ward to help move things along and progressing from 1-8cm dilation in 8 hours uncomfortable labour with gas and air (helped lots by yoga exercises and hypno birthing techniques!), I was taken to theatre at 4am for a crash c section after the baby's heart rate fell dramatically. Only for it to recover completely as I was being prepped for surgery through strong contractions!
I returned back to my room on the labour ward and agreed to an epidural which helped me go on til 9am but contractions petered out once more and since baby's heart rate dipped during every contraction the doctors' advice was not to risk putting me on a sycotinon drip to help labour along. Both baby and I were exhausted.
It was now Friday morning and clearly something wasn't right with the
positioning of the baby or his cord as I'd felt strong pressure in my bottom since the earliest stages and the head hadn't progressed any.

 With helpful advice from a competent obstetric consultant who'd just
come on shift and my wonderful independent midwives I consented to an emergency c section just after 10am. I felt much calmer with this
decision as I could see there was a real risk to the baby's health now
and I was only just coping with the help of the epidural.
The op went really fast and well and wasn't as scary as I'd feared.
My DP nearly passed out before the operation started because he was so exhausted.
Getting sown up after seemed to take no time at all as I was receiving  sloppy kisses on the cheek by my little boy's beautiful rooting face!
He was born looking like a smurf with a funny cone shaped head where
he'd been pressed into my pelvis at the wrong angle - he was back to
back and his head was presenting with its widest part first rather
than the narrow back of the head. His neck had been extended and he looked like a boxer with a bruised eye from my pelvis. Otherwise he's
Clearly he was trying to tell me something by being breech for so long, and although the ECV at 37 weeks had been a success it had obviously left him in an awkward position not suitable for birth. It appears he didn't have time to settle into his new cephalic position with the head correctly flexed and I wonder if I should have left well alone and gone for a vaginal breech birth instead.
I'm relieved he's finally here and he's a very calm, contented and happy baby who took to the breast straightaway. He's already put on weight and barely cries. :)
I can't fault the way I was treated in hospital, the medical staff were great (apart from one rather arrogant obstetrician) and I may even have overcome my needle phobia.
Ironically the acupuncture hurt more than the epidural, but I wish the pressure weren't put on women to go into full blown labour within a certain amount of time of their waters breaking.

I'd hoped for a low intervention, natural birth with the help of my DP and the hypnobirthing techniques we'd learned, I'd read plenty of books on birth without fear, I was physically fit and active (aquanatal, walking, cycling, prenatal yoga and pilates...) and had an experienced independent midwife as well as my mum with me, who'd had 3 babies with the help of self hypnosis techniques.
However I found that nothing could prepare me for the experience of things NOT going right and the natural way, and eventually I was content to accept that something wasn't right and needed to be resolved in a more hands-on way, and medically managed.

Here the longer version:  ;)

In an ideal world I would have had a home birth but was told by my hospital that due to risk of bleeding potentially caused by my fibroids the safest place would be to come into labour ward.

I stayed at home as long as I could after my waters first broke, and I felt comfortable experiencing the first rush of contractions. The first night I was seen at home by my midwife and she encouraged me by saying everything was looking well and I'd go into proper labour soon.
The next morning I had more contractions from 3-6am which I managed well with my DP and the hypno techniques, but they once again stopped so I went back to bed until 10am.

At 12:30 I had an appointment with a senior NHS midwife at my hospital to get assessed for suitability for the birth centre rather than labour ward, but I came prepared to stay given it was now 30 hours after my water first broke. Their policy is usually to administer intravenous antibiotics (wasn't looking forward to that as I have a phobia of drips!) after 18 hours and suggest induction after 24 following PROM.
It was a long wait until I finally saw the midwife who was very supportive of my low intervention birth plan but again repeated their usual policies. She took me through to MFAU to be assessed and monitored, but it took until around 5pm to get a bed on the prenatal ward.
My DP went home to get his bag and my mum stayed with me whilst I had acupuncture - I really didn't want that drip which I was concerned would lead to an epidural etc.
During the acupuncture I got the first strong contraction, and they just kept on building until I was crawling on all fours on the floor, needed the loo every few minutes and was begging for a room in the birth centre! At one point I genuinely thought I was about to drop him into the loo.
I knew I was disturbing the other ladies in the open ward on prenatal, and I was convinced I was well on my way to second stage as I could feel such strong pressure on my bottom.
However when I was told I was just 1cm dilated and 'not in labour' I couldn't believe it! It wasn't long until I was transferred to a room on labour ward though, the contractions were that tough to cope with.
I'd been given the first shot of antibiotics although the anaesthetist's bedside manner was disgusting. She arrived to put the IV in during a contraction and tried talking to me, not waiting out the end of the surge and her phrasing was really off. She should have known I don't like needles and used the phrase 'well I don't want to poke you with a needle in the dark' when I asked her not to put the light on yet.

Anyway... on the one hand things seemed to move very quickly, but apparently not quickly enough and when they started monitoring baby's heart rate it became clear that he wasn't coping well during the contractions.
Being taken to theatre for the emergency section was really scary, I didn't have the gas and air with me and before I knew it DP was standing next to me all scrubbed up. There wasn't even time to sign the consent form and I felt like I was in a bad dream.

Within what seemed like minutes though someone suddenly said 'Oh, the baby's fine' and I could see a health 140bpm on the monitor. I almost said 'I don't care, just get him out' but was happy to transfer back onto the ward to carry on. I'd gone to 4cm by then and I was offered an epidural and drip to support me during the labour but it turned out I didn't need the drip because next time I was examined I was already 8cm dilated.
I coped a lot better after the epidural, still able to feel the surges (and using gas and air! It just didn't seem to work sufficiently!) but I was also able to rest and recover some energy to carry on.

When DP and I came back to our room my mum and midwife were really confused, expecting to see the baby and totally gobsmacked when I told them he was still inside me! My mw had never seen this happen before but I was just glad not to get a section unnecessarily.

However even at 8cm the baby's head hadn't descended any further, and everyone who examined me seemed confused as to his positioning. I already knew he was back to back and the pressure I was feeling suggested as much but possibly also a problem with the cord that was holding him in place.
The consultant who'd just come on shift patiently explained everything to me and I got concerned for the baby's safety and my ability to deliver him naturally and healthily. I never got the drip in the end, as I'd progressed this far on my own but by now the contractions had petered out almost completely.
Next time in theatre the atmosphere was much calmer, the team seemed fresh and jokey, and it was a funny sensation feeling the spinal block get to work.
I felt some pushing under my ribs, and next thing I knew I heard the loudest cry ever - I couldn't believe that this was now, finally my baby!
Delayed cord clamping naturally went out of the window, but at least my DP got to cut the cord and brought my baby over to me for some cuddles.
He calmed down straightaway and I was so proud. His head was a really funny shape from all the pushing into my pelvis, but this resolved within the first day. He was born alert with an Apgar score of 9 and after another night in hospital I took him home. What a wonderful day with my beautiful boy!
My stitches also seem to be healing well and I am making plenty of milk for my little miracle. It took 10 years to finally meet him and now it feels like he was always going to be mine.


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    How lovely! (the last line of your story) despite it all being rather dramatic! Congratulations again!

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    Congratulations my dear! Hes looks adorable  ^hugme^


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    Thanks girls! I'm so glad I wrote this down as things are already becoming a blur :)