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cycle now... or wait?
« on: 11/06/14, 12:11 »
Just wondering what other people think.... need to decide whether to cycle next month or wait....

History of recurrent miscarriages, along with many suspected clinical pregnancies and at least one confirmed clinical pregnancy (cycle at ARGC in March/April).  I had a natural BFP in October while i was waiting for my cycle to start, so i could commence IVF.  M/C at 10 weeks followed by ERPC.  Decided to go ahead with ARGC in hope that they could help what i suspected was immunes causing very long time to conceive, plus possibly the miscarriages.  Clinical pregnancy.  Having already been over my optimum weight from the prior pregnancy, i then put on another 4 kg over the cycle and the boozing afterwards.  Had a good month to 6 weeks of drinking almost every day (not a lot, but daily!), and not eating well.  Had thought i wouldn't cycle again ever.  Have been consistently bloated during the time since IVF - DP keeps asking me if i'm actually pregnant after all, as I'm so big in the belly (I'm not, though i look it - not my normal shape).  Anyway, i'm a good 7kg over my optimum weight now, and still feel like my body is being driven by hormones.

Anyway, after our recent review, we're thinking of cycling again.  Hubby is overseas this cycle, so this cycle is out.  The following cycle is about 4 weeks away.  I've just started eating better in the last few days, and taking vitamins i haven't taken since the IVF, and just started reading 'the fertility diet' book.  Going to try and detach myself from my caffeine addiction (Pepsi Max), and get back to a better weight. 

The question is, do i go straight in on the July cycle, after 4 weeks of looking after myself, or do i wait until a following cycle/s and give my eggs the 90 days they need to be healthy, plus potentially the chance to fall naturally if i'm in good shape in the interim.  It's a balance of egg quality from looking after them, vs egg quality declining through age (I'm 42 in a few weeks). 

Thoughts, please?


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    cycle now... or wait?
    « Reply #1 on: 11/06/14, 12:58 »
    Dear Mmummy,

    You are right that time is not on your side, but I do believe you need to balance that issues with cycling when your chances are at their maximum.

    Firstly, you do get pregnant which is a good thing, but sadly you do have a history of recurrent m/c.  Can I ask what tests and/or diagnosis you have had?  I really wouldn't move forward without medication to cover any issues if possible.  M/cs can be age-related chromosomal abnormality, but you need to find out.  Apart from age, issues which causes m/c are:-

    Uterine - polyps, fibroids, abnormalities, thin lining or lining without tripe stripe appearance.
    Genetic - Have you and DH both been karyotyped to check for genetic issues?
    Clotting - e.g. Antiphospholipid Antibodies, Factor V Leiden, anticardiolipins, prothrombin gent mutation, MTHFR etc.
    Thyroid - Test T3, T4 and antithyroid antibodies.  Is your TSH between 1 and 2 for optimum chances?
    Infection - Testing for both you and DH - e.g. Ureaplasma, mycoplasma, BV, Strep B, Hidden Chlamydia etc
    Autoimmune - Antinuclear antibodies, Rheumatoid Factor, Lupus anticoagulant, any history of autoimmune issues e.g. endometriosis, coeliacs, etc.
    Sperm - DNA fragmentation, other sperm issues.  Age can have an impact on sperm and increase issues.

    Your GP can run many of the above tests or your current IVF clinic.

    Immune Issues - These require specialist labs and interpretation and would include NK Cells, Tnfa Cytokines, DQa.

    Agates thread and information in the investigations board is invaluable.

    It would be good to lose more weight but that needs to be balanced with the above testing and waiting too long when time is precious.

    Best of luck,


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    cycle now... or wait?
    « Reply #2 on: 11/06/14, 22:54 »
    Hi DaisyG,
    thanks for your response.

    I've been at a recurrent miscarriage clinic ... i now have antiphospholipid syndrome (not sure i spelled that right); but didn't previously.  My latest M/C was a trisomy issue, but don't know the cause of the previous ones.  No issues identified in our investigation/s there.  We haven't been karotyped - they considered it at ARGC but as i've got 2 children, they didn't think it would change their approach.  My thyroid is ok (though i can't say exactly what it is anymore).  I seem to recall it was on the low end of the range when last checked by GP.  I suspect ARGC checked me too, but it didn't get flagged.  No sperm issues.  No infection issues.  Mildly raised CD19 levels - had intralipids last IVF.  They were slightly further raised  after 2ww (even with ILP).

    You're right about Agate's knowledge ... she's a gem (no pun intended).  I think my gut feel is to wait, though, and DP wants to cycle as soon as he's back.  I'm looking for a tiebreaker! :-)