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Dhea levels? What is a low number?
« on: 19/06/14, 13:20 »

Don't know if this is the right place but hoping someone more knowledgable can help! I have a afc of 6 (got 6 eggs on ivf in jan) and an amh of 5.4 a year ago ( goodness knows what it is now). I've just had my dhea level tested and this is the result I got

Dhea sulphate      3.5 umol/ L. ( ref range 1.0  - 11.5 post menopausal 0.5 - 2.6)

Is this level low? Should I supplement and if so what dose should I use?

I also have endo - would this cause issues?

I'm a bit confused so any help would be appreciated!  ???

Tigger xxx


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    Dhea levels? What is a low number?
    « Reply #1 on: 19/06/14, 13:25 »

    I'm not a medical expert but from experience when I took DHEA it made my endo worse, I had surgeries around the time I was using it and they couldn't figure out why it had spread whilst I was on prostap, my AMH was 2/AFC 4 and my knee jerk reaction was to take everything I could that would help, my levels showed no increase after taking it but a year later had gone up themselves with no supplemts

    I know you hear some great success stories with DHEA but do your research and use with caution with endo

    Lilly x