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birth of Jayden & Rufus
« on: 25/06/14, 17:00 »
well finally i can write a birth story....  :) :) :)

well on the 16/5/2014 my twin boys were born via emcs sorry its a long story but i have waited such a long time to have such a story to tell a story that i will never forget and that will never fail to bring a tear to my eyes...

so I had a hard time from  12 weeks pregnant but wont bore with the details I was in constant pain..

well from 30 weeks i had satred to get protein and high bp that gradualy got higher and more protein as the weeks progressed only at 34 weeks protein had got to 3 plusses and bp rising I had really swollen feet and was being monitored after having to spend a night in hospital.

so 35 weeks my consultant admitted me in hospital to be monitored as my bp was spiking at over 100 swelling was bad she gave me a sweep and said i wouldnt be going home without my  babies that was on the tuesday  13/5/2014 I was only 35+2 then but knew that I would have been being induced between 36-37 weeks in any case but did feel a bit of a failure not having reached 36 weeks but it had to happen as i knew it was pre E but apparently it was hard to diagnose so the night in hospital had started.

I had the sweep and was having what i can only describe as contractions but they stopped later that night so DP went home and I stayed talking on the phone as had to have bp checked every 4 hours as my consultant had said if my bp spikes at 100 again i would have to have the babies well 2am was the next one but just b4 i was due to have it checked i started being blood (very scary) and was just fobbed of as it being me wretching but i didnt start heaving till after i had been being sick blood

so the next morning doctors came round and the person i seen just said do 24 obs of how much protein was in my wee to get an idea of the real protein in my sample (I had already had the blood sample taken that said it was way too high) but i just asked to speak to my own consultant when she arrived she said sorry but we will be inducing you tomorrow as my bp had it 100 again and was not lower at any point than 97/ so that was it.

was taken down to labour suit and was given the gel and another sweep contractions started but mild untill i had the second gel and they then got very strong for a couple of hours and fizzled out there was 3 of us who had been induced one girl was on her second day we sayed up untill 2am chatting and then when trying to sleep was having contractions so got up at 5am went for a shower at 6am and they put me on the monitor babies both doing fine thank god..

consultant came in at 9am broke waters ( squirted out and lots of warm water no wonder my babies had been happy in there it would be like a warm bath :) ) was 2.5cm dialiated
put back on the monitor and contractions were really close together and were getting strong i was taken to a delivery room as babies heart beat kept dropping or they kept losing him...?? well in the room was given gas and air and all my problems started...

had to have a canula and a drip to see what fluids i was weeing out and they knew waht was going in was due to be re examined at 1pm well contractions were back to back and was on the gas and air constantly well on being examined i was 6cm and they wanted to put a cathater in and clip babies head as was still having same problem when that was agony and it took my MW and a consultant to get the clip on the babies head and over an hour i felt like i was having an out of body experience looking down on what was happening :( i thought i was dying :(...

well consultant called for the epidural to be put in so another hour of him trying and it was in but the clip that was on the babies head had come off :( this is not a good experience my DP was crying didnt like seeing me in so much pain :( brought me out of it tho as he dosnt cry and i knew it was hard on him too well was still on the gas and air and my MW said this is not wright and called for the person to come check it was in my back propperly well low and behold it wasnt all the fluid was just going on the bed :@ all this time i had been saying that my legs ankles had swollen to the point i couldnt move them they were that heavy and swollen (I was retaing fluid ) well i had another epidural put in this one worked and i just collapsed on the bed exausted

and within 15 mins of having it back in to have my midwife asking my mum and dp do you think her face is swelling??? i was like OMG this swelling is serious as i had been telling them the whole time i was in there that they was getting worse :( i knew what was comming next she left the room and came back in and said we have to get these babies out NOW i didnt panic I was calmer than i had been the whole labour yes i was scared but just needed my babies here safely so at 7:41 Jayden was brough into the world screaming bless him weighing 5lb11oz and then 7:42 his brother  Rufus weighing 5lb 1oz he grabbed the partition think he wanted to go back in lol

i just have to add i had a student mw also who had the monitor on me and had the things wrong she had the thing that traces the heart where the one that traces the contractions are meant to be when my propper MW realised she went mad!! I wasnt best pleased but my boys are here safe and well

I am the luckyest woman alive to be blessed with twins after such a hard journey I have helped $ ladies by egg sharing all have been lucky to get pregnant 2 had boys and 1 had a girl i am just waiting to find out what this last lady has had

I hope all reading this story have been lucky enough to have a baby in front of them or are awaiting the arrival of your lo if not i do wish you well in your journey its long hard and tiring and very easy to give up but dreams do come true i really thought i would never be a mummy I am so glad i have been proven wrong x   


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