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Finally getting around to writing a birth story for our handsome lil chap Jacob Kostandinos Dimitris Fortounis who was born on the 18th June 2014 weighing 7lbs 10oz

Pretty bad,  after developing ohss from our ICSI journey I was just starting to feel normal when the morning sickness started. I was admitted to hospital a few times during the first 25 weeks of pregnancy for fluids and monitoring and lost 2 stone in weight... At 25 weeks the sickness was still there but had died down abit and by 28 weeks I was hardly being sick at all. I felt great and continued to feel great with the exception of some swollen feet and worrying until I hit 33 weeks and started getting regular contractions that were not getting stronger but were coming every 10-15minutes .. After a visit to the hospital and a negative fnn test I was sent home with instructions to take paracetamol regularly and rest. At 35 weeks I lost my mucus plug with blood in it so I was sure things were going to start but nothing. Just Braxton hicks that hadnt really stopped much from 33 weeks. At consultant appointment I had sugar and protein in my pee and bp was high so was asked to come back for a check up but all was ok and we discussed sweep and induction which got scheduled for the 20th June and 25th June my due date.

At exactly 39 weeks, 17th June at 5pm I was in the bath when I started getting pains. At first I thought it was just regular bh contractions but after an hour in the bath they had started getting closer together and a little bit more intense so I knew it was the start of something different. Dp came home from work and I went into bed for a lie down but the pains just kept coming. At 8pm I rang maternity ward and they asked me to come in. I got checked and was 2cm dilated so had the option to stay or go home, so we went home. I jumped in the bath for a couple of hours and got out as the pains got worse. I lay on the sofa and contractions started coming 3 minutes apart lasting 1 min long. Mil came over as dp was stressing out and we went to the hospital again. I was put on a tens machine and given some diamorphine,  something I hadnt considered before then. It was no suprise when it made me sick. I was checked again at 2am and was 3cm dilated. I could have cried. Why was it going so slow?!! The midwife broke my waters which was uncomfortable, they were clear which was good and boy was there alot of it!!
I continued to bounce on the ball with some gas and air until 6am when I was checked again. 3 1/2 cm dilated! Emotional breakdown. I had a panic attack. I suffer from them anyway but half a cm in 4 hours just sent me overboard. I was transferred to consultant led unit and had the pitocin drip put in. My contractions went into overdrive and were coming on top of each other with a few seconds break. I was exhausted. This continued for a while and I begged for an epidural which was given pretty quickly. He was a lovely man from Pakistan,  tried to keep me happy and cheery but the contractions took over everything. I'm sure I have scared him for life.
After the epidural was in place I continued to Labour until 3pm when Jacobs heart rate dipped pretty low. The atmosphere in the room changed and I had consultants and midwife trying to change my position. The drip was stopped but my contractions kept coming. The consultant explained he would check me again and if I was dilated I would have a forceps delivery but when checked I was only 4cm dilated. 24 hours in labour to be 4cm dilated. I was gutted. The consultant then told me I would have to have an emcs as baby wasnt coping well. I was rushed off to theatre. My epidural was wearing off down my left side so when they were about to start I could still feel it.. Not horrendously but I felt pain along with the pressure. Baby was pulled out but wasnt crying so I started crying because baby wasnt crying. He was whisked away for oxygen and proceded to have 2x poops over the midwifes. Definitely a daddys boy!
Dp went through to the room behind us with the baby while they sorted out my placenta. They pulled my ovaries out to check everything throughly since this was an icsi pregnancy and I could feel the pain getting worse. My heart rate and bp shot through the roof and the anesthesiologist knocked me out.. Next thing I remember is waking up in the room and my baby in the cot beside me staring straight at me. After another set of obs I was given a cuddle.

After labour
Bed bath came next.. Dignity completely out the window but at that stage I just didnt care. I was transferred up to the ward and left in a room alone with my baby, in pain,  without a clue!!  I managed to roll out of bed to change his nappy and tried to breastfeed him. The nursery nurse came in not long after and helped me with the feeding / latching part. I was in this ward for 2 days and discharged on the Friday.

Sunday came and community midwife checked me. Bp up, temp 38'6 , and pulse 126.. Back to the hospital.

Womb infection being treated with tazisin antibiotics iv, scan to make sure everything is ok and left to my own devices with baby again. Had to formula feed because of antibiotic which upset me more. I knew something was up, I could feel my body struggling but put it down to the medication and section. Little man was asleep and I got into bed to sleep also. I could feel my head getting lighter and lightern. dp came in from home and shouted for the Dr when he realised I wasnt breathing right. I cant remember much other than being having alot of medical staff around the bed. My o2 sats dropped really low so I was given oxygen and a nebulizer. When I came through the consultant explained the possibility of a blood clot in my lung, rare but can be serious. My arms were like pin cushions,  covered in blood and bruises. I was sent for another scan with the dye to confirm blood clot and  a lung infection with fluid building up in my lungs. I was given fragmin at the highest doses and continued on the oxygen however all iv medication was to be given orally because of the fluid in my lungs.

Again no breastfeeding... I expressed and expressed to keep my supply up but when able to go back to breastfeeding I didnt have enough milk. More antibiotics supplied and I had to stop breastfeeding again. I felt like a failure.

Slowly recovering now 12 days later at home after begging to be discharged for my mum coming over. I had to come off the morphine and oramorph to be discharged so still got a lot of pain but ive got comfort at home with support. My temp is still above the normal as is my pulse but my bp is down. Baby is being formula fed until I come off the antibiotics, ive been expressing but I wont have milk to primarily breastfeed so I plan to combination feed.

After the tramatic experience, if someone asked me if I would do it all again for our little man the answer would still be yes. Would I do it all again for baby no 2? Yes!!


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    Baby Jacobs arrival - emcs (abit traumatic)
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    Baby Jacobs arrival - emcs (abit traumatic)
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    We what a story! You coped so well. Lots of love xxx

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    Baby Jacobs arrival - emcs (abit traumatic)
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    My goodness, what a rough time you've had  ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^

    So glad your little one is here nice and safe though xx