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At 40 weeks I had a sweep and nothing happened, so at 41 weeks I had a second sweep again with no luck so the midwife booked me in for induction on 22nd December (2 days off 42 weeks).

Arrived at the maternity unit at 08.00 and was taken to the ward. At 10am I was examined and had a pessary inserted. After about an hour it felt really uncomfortable so told the midwife and it had fallen out! She put it back where it was meant to be and it had to stay in for 24 hours.
I started to feel some pains so walked around alot and tried to rest. Hubby got chucked out of the ward at 10pm and I settled down for the night. The pains became more intense so had some pain killers which helped me get a little sleep.
6am arrives and the pessary falls out down the toilet. I told the midwife who said the doctors would be around later and they would decide what to do.
Eventually saw the doctor who said I was 2cm dilated and they would probably break my waters in the consultant led unit later that day when a bed was available. Meanwhile I got put on a monitor to check baby. The midwives started to get a little worried as the baby's heart rate would drop then take a while to come back up again. Never having this problem before I started to worry.
They called the doctors when it kept happening and decided to get me onto the consultant led unit asap and break my waters.

So headed to the unit and 8 people entered my room fussing over me with a doctor then breaking my waters (which went everywhere!)
A little while later the midwife checked me and decided my waters hadn't broken properly so had another go and got lots more fluid. The baby was being monitored and the heart rate was perfect again.
I wasn't progressing so they put me on a drip to induce me. I had told them I wanted an epidural early as had a back operation years ago and wanted to make sure it was going to work early in case I needed a c section.

The drip started to work (was about 3pm by now) and contractions started pretty quickly. I puffed away on the gas and air (amazing!) and the midwife told me it would probably be the next morning before I was fully dilated and would start pushing. As the pain got worse I had the epidural (such a relief) They constantly monitored me and the baby's heart rate started dropping again.
They seemed to have trouble regulating the drip, I either was having very few contractions or one after the other. Before I knew it I was 10cm! The whole time in late pregnancy the baby had been really low down, but they then left me for an hour before starting to push and during that time the baby moved back up.
So I started pushing at about 3am and after nearly 2 hours the decided to take me into the theatre to try forceps. By this point I was exhausted and just wanted the baby out safely. They quickly wheeled me in telling my hubby to get changed.

As soon as I got into the theatre the baby's heart rate went even lower. The doctor was telling the anaesthetist to top up my epidural quickly as they needed to get the baby out with a emergency c section. After a short time I heard a huge cry and saw my beautiful daughter appear. She had no problems which was a relief. I however had issues breathing as they had topped up my spinal very quick it had gone a little too high.
My hubby took our daughter to recovery with him while they sorted me out.

I ended up in recovery relieved to be through it all with a gorgeous daughter. It was Christmas eve by now!

I hadn't done a birth plan as I new it wouldn't go the way I wanted it to, but I didn't expect what actually happened. Will never forget it.


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