* Author Topic: November / December 2020 Cycle Buddies  (Read 5777 times)

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November / December 2020 Cycle Buddies
« Reply #90 on: Yesterday at 22:03 »
Sorry for lack of comms, mental week at work. Hooray for it nearly being Friday!

Jen-Iím so sorry. However prepared I think I am for it, the reality of a BFN is so totally crushing. Be kind to yourself. I hope youíre able to make a plan to move forward and the hope returns again soon xx

Katy 81 - wow fab numbers! You must be delighted. Hope youíre not feeling too sore. Are you having a fresh transfer?

8868dee- well done on transfer. Enjoy the PUPO bubble!

Kcat-hope the stims have started ok.

AFM- was driving myself a bit stir crazy earlier in the week with lots of negative thoughts. Fortunately Iíve been rushed off my feet for the last couple of days at work which is a good distraction if nothing else. OTD is Tuesday, argh Iím dreading it already- one minute Iím wishing I just knew and the next Iím preferring remaining blissfully ignorant!

Hope everyone is ok xxx


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    November / December 2020 Cycle Buddies
    « Reply #91 on: Yesterday at 22:27 »
    Dee - Congratulations on being PUPO!! How are you feeling? The 10th will be here before you know it. Are you testing early or are you waiting till OTD? xx

    Katkin - got everything crossed for Tuesday! How are you testing?
    Iím wonít be having a fresh transfer, no as was high risk of OHSS. They are going to freeze any embryos and Iíll have an FET in January.  xx

    Feeling much better after EC. Had a bit of pain afterwards but itís now just a mild discomfort. We got the call this morning to say out of our 21 eggs, 17 have fertilised! Ecstatic with this but now hoping they get to blast stage. Weíll find out more on Monday afternoon. xx