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Daily Mail article on Hysteroscopy
« on: 1/07/14, 07:09 »
The DM are running a story today about a survey which seems to suggest that having a Hysteroscopy prior to IVF treatment does not significantly increase the chances of success compared to those who proceed direct to IVF.  The article implied that having a Hysteroscopy was a waste of money,   However, at least one person who commented on the article stated that her Hysteroscopy had rectified a previous problem and resulted in 2 BFPs. Would be interested in views and experiences from others


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    Daily Mail article on Hysteroscopy
    « Reply #1 on: 1/07/14, 22:38 »
    I havent seen the article but there are two types of hysteroscopy. The NHS one I had was a probe with a camera and I had a polyp removed. However, SERUM clinic (not sure about others) perform an operative hysteroscopy which removes the lining (and any infection) I believe. There is more info on Agate's information on the Greece thread.

    I am having one on 30th July at Serum, you will have to watch this space to see if it works :-)

    Chand x