* Author Topic: BFP in June/July/August 09 - Summer  (Read 39555 times)

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Re: BFP in June/July/August 09 - Summer
« Reply #770 on: 31/07/09, 20:33 »

i went to create health in london for mild ivf.
i had 3 iui's at singleton and my 11 week scan there. My midwife is based at amman vally hospital, a small local one near me.

good luck with your scan.
I live in Brynaman.

my eye looks bad but feels alot better after accupunture, and so do i, i go to mumbles.



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    Re: BFP in June/July/August 09 - Summer
    « Reply #771 on: 31/07/09, 20:49 »
    Hello Ladies...
    Welcome Charlie61 I remember you as well honey....so please you got your BFP toooooo...I am 6 weeks and 3 days today. Had a scan on Wednesday and was really pleased to see bubba...already had a midwife appointment and got first hospital appointment on Tuesday so all happening now...Everyone is really lovely on here so I am sure you will be ok. There are also people who are 12 weeks honey so you are not alone....

    Hi everyone else....good day? I was great until 2.40! then threw up for england...over and over again.. ^roflmao^ really should not have indulded in the 2 slices of toast, packet of marmite rice cakes (good start) Box of maltezers, 2 rasperry ruffles, Rice crispy chocolate square...yum dont regret that one, Chips and Peas. One portion of meat pie and gravy (we were celebrating yorkshire day at work) 1 piece of Rhubarb pie and fresh cream and a can of caffine free diet coke!!!!!!!! Dh says i am being a little greedy....its not my fault its bubba making me do it...


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    Re: BFP in June/July/August 09 - Summer
    « Reply #772 on: 31/07/09, 21:32 »
    Gucci - Wow that was some sort of lunch!!!  Mind you saying that i certainly make up for not being able to eat at tea time by eating for England at lunch time!  As the MIL keeps telling me 'its the baby thats craving it and you have to give baby what baby wants!'  ;D
    Sounds like they are realy looking after you with all your appointments, think you have had as many as i have already! (just jealous  ;)  )

    Performingtart - just had a look at the link you left and cant believe how much baby is a little human being already!  So strange to think we all have something so precious growing inside us!

    Hi to everyone else - will get to know your names eventually i hope!!

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    Re: BFP in June/July/August 09 - Summer
    « Reply #773 on: 1/08/09, 09:42 »
    Im struggling to keep up  ;D Im so not good at remembering every1

    Im not happy with the midwife,i phoned on thurs and left a message asking for an early scan as i just cant settle,im not even sleepin and im soooo tired.she hasnt even phoned me back  ::)

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