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Hello ladies!

The lovely Maria (Mross) started a survival list thread the other day and I thought it was that good that it deserved to be highlighted and stickied!  :)

Please share your top tips and coping mechanisms to help each other on this crazy IVF journey!  ^idiot^ 

Just remember: Nothing is more important than qualified medical advice. However, this thread is for personal opinions about the little things that make this world of craziness just a little bit more bearable!

Because the tips from the other thread were so good I thought I would copy them over!

--- Quote from: mross on 20/07/14, 00:12 ---Hi ladies,

I'm about yo go into my fourth cycle of long protocol ivf. Being a bit of a wimp at things and a hormonal mess with ivf I've put my survival shopping list together that I thought I'd share with any newbies that it might really help...wish I'd known so e of this stuff my first time around lol!! Please add to this list all your own survival's very much appreciated and will help us all xxx

Ivf survival

For down reg and making eggs

Vicks rub, tiger balm white ointment - I get killer headaches and migraine whilst cycling and this stuff is the way forward!!! Vicks helps me at night and I smother tiger balm all over my head and neck it really works
Pack of 2 litre bottles of water - believe me you need these to judge your water intake!!! Fill them up daily and get them down you - you need to flush your system!
Sainsburies large cotton pants pack! - the period at downreg and if it fails is tough, cotton pants in a larger than life size help big time!
Night time pads and day pads - I find the cramps worse whilst cycling so tampax is a no go for me
Nice stuff - Estée Lauder night cream, under eye patches for twinkles, beauty creams and balms - anything that's a treat and makes you feel nice us amazing for thus time as it's tough on your body.
Continuing this theme I also stock up on lavendar oil and Epsom salts for baths every couple of data to keep you calm and help you sleep.
Rescue remedy
Neals yard wrist oils

For stimmimg

Nuts nuts nuts - handfuls of almonds daily it helps your eggs
Pineapple - I'm juicing thus time so going to juice pineapple with apples a and ginger
Accupuncture - I had no luck growing eggs then went for acupuncture, they did the mocha hot needle on my tummy and 2 days later I had eggs!!! So it really worked and I doing it again!!
Codeine and paracetomal for after egg collection. Controversial I know but I was sore after egg collection and they gave me string codeine that kept me pain free afterwards and I'll do it again as anything that keeps me calm is good!
Cosy tracks bottoms, soft warm tops, soft bras with no wire - if your like me your boobs will be in agony when stimmimg, my stomach went massive and boobs killed so cosy clothes are a must.

Lots of love
Maria xx

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--- Quote from: goldbunny on 20/07/14, 04:09 ---haribo gold bears/other small sweets for all injections (yeah, the sugars not ideal but i reckon the psyschological/stress benefit outweighs the dental downside)..

large size comfy clothing and slip on shoes for when stims makes you bloated.

emergency stash of your favourite chocs/treats in case of genuine emergency.

face wipes/water spray for down reg if hot flushes or headaches.

supermarket own brand economy ultra towels - wish i had discovered these sooner, saved a fortune there will be loads of days you need them during the ivf process (natural cycle can be unpredictable afterwards too)

bottled water or water storage containers (jug? ) mross is right that it makes it easier to judge intake.

meditation tapes/cds/videos (youtube or hard copy) for relaxing, it's not enough to just try and take it easy you need to try and reach really relaxed state...

might not be needed but we found it useful - plastic storage box for drugs and another for paperwork...

unscented/chemical-free bath/shower products etc for stims/eggcollection/2ww

reminder note to self that the drugs make you crazy (and the emotional rollercoaster) and that you may need to apologise to nearest and dearest when you're stressing...
also, before you start, deal with presents and cards for upcoming birthdays or events. if you get bad news at any point you won't feel like doing this but later would feel bad you missed stuff. be prepared that you might want to hide away even when news is good... sometimes privacy is's great if you've got all those cards/presents already sent or written... 

diary. write it all down...

bra extenders. comfort lifesavers..

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One of my favourites!    :o

--- Quote from: Helend75 on 20/07/14, 04:12 ---One I learned this week; have a number 2 before going in for ec. No matter if you do feel rushed as you're first scheduled in. Doing it after ec was no fun...

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--- Quote from: MrsNicolaB on 20/07/14, 06:54 ---Protein for stimms my clinic recommends 1 litre of milk a day and a low carb high protein diet throughout.

Stash of magazines trashier the better!

Fruit tea helps up water intake and is caffeine free.

Box sets for after EC to take your mind off things! Any recommendations?

Things planned for 2ww again to take your mind off things.

Flowers always make me feel better buy yourself a bunch! (or better still show this thread to your OH so they buy you some)

Be kind to yourself and try and be kind to your OH they don't understand how crazy/ moody/ tired the hormones make you.

Think positive, this time next year we will be mummies!

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