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Banned Pregnancy Tickers (showing embryonic developmental stages)

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Pregnancy tickers showing embryonic development (e.g. those from babygage.com, lafemmebonita, baby gaga and some lilypie ones) may not be used on our forum.

It has been bought to our attention that people who have suffered m/c or any baby loss are finding these tickers very difficult as they show the exact image of a baby at certain ages.

Although these tickers are very nice could we please have some sympathy and respect for those who have lost little ones and not have these tickers on our forum.

If any are noticed on profiles they will be removed by the Admin team.

Kind regards


EDIT: This ruling extends to tickers with written descriptions of developmental stage of embryos as well as pictorial ones. .

Mel - For those of us who have suffered a still-birth of a full-term baby photos of new babies or ultra-sound pictures of term babies is very hard for us, but I don't see site moderators banning those from members signatures. Why is that?


Hi Joy

There is an option on the site to turn off avatars - some of the girls who find baby photos and scan pictures a bit hard are already using this option - i am not going to get the girls to turn these off - they are long awaited babies, i am sorry but most people like to see the babies and scans.

I have only had one complaint so far about avatars of a scan and the solution is there - turn the avatars off in your profile.

There are plenty of tickers out there and i am not asking for all tickers to be removed - only the ones displaying the timeline of the baby and its development - which i have had several complaints about.


If anyone would like some help in turning there avatars off please let me know.

Mel, - I think this decision is unfair and very hurtful.

All our babies are long awaited, I think someone who has lost a baby at 12 weeks is just as grief stricken as someone who has lost a baby at 40 weeks, but only members with tickers that display the development of the baby are removed. From those I've seen so far, they are predominantly of early fetuses, reflecting how far those women are in their pregnancy.

Why can't the same consideration be given to me and women like me by asking members to refrain from posting scan and new baby photos? 


As i have said Joy

There is an option to turn off baby photos and scans for those that feel they cannot cope with them - you turn them off in your profile.



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