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Re: 67 and pregnant with twins
« Reply #10 on: 26/01/05, 23:28 »
My mum died in year 2000 and i found it devastating at age 25,this womans children will be lucky if her kids have her for 15 years.I think this is selfish on her part and she needs to think more about the longterm for her kids.She is thinking too much about what she wants now rather than what the future holds for her children.Sorry if my opinion offends anyone but i feel strongly about this!SKYE.


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    Re: 67 and pregnant with twins
    « Reply #11 on: 30/01/05, 10:29 »
    Personally I believe there should be a cut off point, for 2 reasons. One being Health and the other being the child that could be left without a Mum from an early age. I know that could happen for any Mum but surely the risks are higher the older we are.

    Natalie x