* Author Topic: How much do clinics really know about donors?  (Read 616 times)

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Our clinic reassured us that our donor has no heart failures, brain failures and other failures. And she has no history of those lying in her family. No psychological problems, etc....

But my questions are:
1. How do they know?
2. How much can they check scientifically?
3. How do they find out about her family health issues?

So we don't really know what runs in her family, do we?

When the clinic says that she has no health issues, what do they really mean?????


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    How much do clinics really know about donors?
    « Reply #1 on: 12/08/14, 18:13 »
    I am afraid when it comes to donors you have to trust theyve told the truth about heredotary issues. its like having a child with oh, issues COULD come to light later that s/he was unaware of.....

    And rest assured that all of the obvious nasties are tested for inc some genetic issues.

    Have faith and fingers crosssed you get the baby you long for.