* Author Topic: is endometrical scratch better than glue ?  (Read 634 times)

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is endometrical scratch better than glue ?
« on: 26/08/14, 09:39 »
looking into a different clinic (geographical reasons) .. but they don't do the scratch, which i hear seems to help those who keep getting a negative - they don't do it, but they offer the glue ? ... any advice or past experience please - i have to say  I've had a scratch in a mock cycle and it didn't hurt at all which really impressed me.


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    is endometrical scratch better than glue ?
    « Reply #1 on: 1/09/14, 23:11 »
    Hi there to be honest I think they both have differernt functions - the scratch is supposed to help prepare the uterus lining, the  glue is supposed to help the embie stick (according to some studies). I only have experience of the scratch- this turned out to be my only completely negative cycle after transfer so I would probably not bother with it again, however as you say some people seem to have success with it. I have heard mixed stories about the glue - would want to do a bit more research before going ahead with it. Good luck