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Hi All

I am on CD 6 and started stimulation on 3/09.   I am supposed to go for my first ultrasound this coming Tuesday.

I am looking for cycle buddies who  might be going along same cycle as me. 

If you have are on similar dates with your cycle for IVF and would like to support and share experiences get in touch.

I am 41 and I have just returned to IVF treatment after taking a 6 year break.  I have had about 6 cycles in the past and this is my first after 6 years break.  All treatments were BFN.

Hope to hear from you


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    Hi laila2001  :)

    There is an active thread here for 'current cyclers' the ladies there are very friendly and I'm sure they'll be very supportive. I'll post a link for you.


    Good luck with your treatment  ^hugme^