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Reporting & Moderation of Posts
« on: 3/10/14, 14:31 »
To quote Tony, the site owner:

"We are a Moderated website.
When a site is moderated, either before content appears or shortly thereafter, the operator of the site assumes responsibility for the material that appears. If inappropriate content is posted on the site, and the moderators have failed to find it and deal with it appropriately, then the operator may become liable for that content."

so you can see it is more of a legal issue. Hope this clears it up for you  :)

 Moderation on FF is undertaken by a team of volunteers, not every board has moderators assigned & of those that do, you may find that they are away on a hiatus/holiday.
Therefore we ask each member to be aware of posts or threads that may require the attention of a volunteer or manager.

If you see a post you feel is in need of attention or is inappropriate please use the "report to moderator" function and let us deal with it.
Thank you :).


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