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Natural IUI - Donor Sperm - 2nd try
« Reply #10 on: 12/12/14, 08:34 »
10 dpo and I started to get some craps ( although not much), plus breasts a little tender - but have had them much more sensitive on some cycles when I was definitely not positive.
This month I have not taken my temperature in the mornings as I left my thermometer at a friends place and haven't managed to pick it up yet. I thought it would allow me to be more relaxed, but actually I just feel unprepared. At least when I chart my Basel temperature I know better when I ovulated and I know in the morning if AF will arrive that day.
So today (11dpo - could be 12dpo if I ovulated earlier) and I've just been to the loo and had watery blood. It is currently brown, but it is exactly the same as when AF starts. I think it may be over.
The situation is so distracting at work (I guess it goes both ways - work can distract us from ttc and ttc distracts us from concentrating at work).
I have company party tonight. Although I feel like curling up in front of tv, I guess it'll be good to be out (and have a glass of wine - if full AF develops).



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    IUI - Donor Sperm - 3rd try
    « Reply #11 on: 14/12/14, 20:43 »
    So on Friday evening AF came full throttle, no mistaking it for anything else.

    That was my 3rd IUI, and although at the beginning of this journey (once we knew we would have to use Donor) we agreed to try 6 IUI, however I feel that the odds are just not in my favour and so that will be my last IUI.

    In the new year I'll take the step to IVF.

    Goodbye IUI diary.