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Hi Everyone!

Not sure this topic still exists? I am new in the IVF procedure, 1st one with klinikk hausken and I would like to know how it went for your recently and if some of you are actually in the middle of the procedure with them?

Thanks for your help.



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    Hi Julie,

    Weve had 4 treatments with klinikk Hausken ( 2 fresh and 2 frozen ones). We have 3 treatments in 2015 the last if which was successful ( we had a little boy in June 2016). We went back in June 2018 and was fortunate enough to be successful again (we had a little girl born march 2019). Happy to share any info or tips  either via forum or private message.  Good Luck with your 1st treatment x

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    Wow itís been a while since i was here last - my KH miracle is starting school in September!!
    Always happy to answer any questions xx