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Something holding me back, not sure
« on: 14/11/14, 21:54 »
Ive been given the all clear to order our sperm, i have the money ready and ive picked our new donor. Yet all week ive yet to do it. Ive been on cyros but havnt done it. Ive had the time to do it. Yet i keep putting it off and i dont know why  ^eyes^

Any ideas?
Any advise?


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    Something holding me back, not sure
    « Reply #1 on: 10/12/14, 17:37 »
    Hello , my names Sam. My husband and i are going down the route of donor sperm after his azoospermia diagnosis. Its taken us a year full of tests , procedures, and credit card bills to get to this stage. In jan we are going for the counselling and to do the donor matching etc  . Im doing ok but he isnt sleeping , gets stressed easily and im worried about how hes managing. I already have a child and my husband is amazing with her and loves her . We are both fully on board with the donor route but it is emotionally challenging us both !