* Author Topic: I wish I could contact donor over medical query re DD - anyone else had this?  (Read 1054 times)

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We have been very lucky with our DIUI and have two beautiful DDs and another on the way.

Usually, the "donor" issue is something I'm fine with and is an added facet to our lives. But recently something is bothering me and I wonder if anyone else has been through similar thoughts and if you can tell me how you reasoned with it?

DD1 has suffered a UTI. In the course of treating it we have discovered there is blood in her urine (even after the infection has gone) so are being referred. Chances are, it's a benign family thing, and hopefully nothing more. But I'm still worried...

If we were a "normal" family I could quiz DH's side and find out if anyone else has had this. And of course, it will be one of the first things the hospital will ask me and do I will need to raise the whole donor issue (and we haven't told DD yet although plan to, soon).

But I feel a bit guilty (in case, god forbid, the donor has a medical issue which has been passed down), and sad that I can't just "ask" my DH's side of the family and also worried as I hate my kids being ill.

I'm massively hormonal and probably overthinking this :(  ^bigbad^ but if anyone has any words, I would be extremely grateful.

Thanks wise FFs....


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    I too have been pondering this for similar reasons but think the answer is no. We have the information revealed and that's it.

    I am not even sure  it would be possible for confidentiality reasons in the case of serious illness.

    Be keeping an eye on this thread to see if anyone else can throw anymore light on it.

    Good luck with your dd.

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    I have an anonymous Greek donor and in the case of serious illness yes it can be over-ruled as per a Greek court ruling, clinic have assured me I can have that info if need arises and also the clinic have his DNA on file for this reason.

    What country is your DS from?