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Hello!!! Thank you for giving the chance to discuss issues that concern us.
I want to ask you the following: the doctor says that my endometrial lining is always quite thin and that this may be reason I do not get pregnant. Is there anything I can try? What should be the goal?

Dear morganr,
mainly thin endometrium may be a reason of non-conceiving but it is usually the morphology of the endometrium that matters the most.  Pregnancies have been achieved with linings as low as 5.5 mm with trilaminar morphology and good subendometrial blood flow. We prefer an endometrium of 6.5 mm as a minimum with a three layer appearance, but the goal is 8 mm.
  There are some supplements that can potentially facilitate this process, i.e. fish oil cps and Q10. Your doctor may change routes (oral, vaginal, transdermal) and dosages of estradiol supplementation, or he/she may use medication outside their original indications (i.e. nifedipine, granulocyte-colony stimulating factor) in order to improve the outcome.
  Lately, scratching of the endometrial lining, although still controversial, has been shown to be of some benefit. This sometimes is combined with diagnostic hysteroscopy in order to evaluate the endometrial cavity.
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what is the success rate in egg donation treatment?

Thank you.

Hello hopeoneday1!!!
The success rate in egg donation program varies, depending on your age, from 55 to 66%.  You can have your personal estimated success rate, as long as you would like to have a discussion through skype with our medical team. You can apply now for a free skype consultation in
Thank you for your question.


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